5 poses to beat the heat this summer: Liberation Yoga

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Make peace with your body, your mind, and the world. Find Liberation. Try this 5 yoga poses to stay cool and refreshed all summer long:

1. Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita = Expand/spread out · Pada = Foot · Ut = Intense · Tan = To stretch or extend · Asana = Pose


Lengthening, strengthening your hamstrings, calves, feet, and spine. Calming your mind and encouraging introspection.


  1. Stand at your mat’s middle. Stretch your hands directly to your knees and extend your position until you have your ankles directly under your palms. Make sure you have the feet perpendicular to your mat’s exterior borders. Root your feet firmly into the mat and evenly spread your weight between big ankles, rosé toes, internal shoes, and outside shoes.
  2. Straighten your ankles to round your thighs and raise your knee caps. Put your palms on your shoulders, pull your air deeply, raise your neck, and push your body upwards. Draw gently towards each other your shoulder blades.
  3. Keep your backbone directly, yet not excessively expanded, while you are on exhalation. Keep extending your torso as you get pliable. (If in your bottom section you think any pressure, turn your shoulders or go out of your position.)
  4. Lower your hand to put the palms to the ground underneath your eyes if your torso is about midway down (perpendicular to the bottom). Slightly move your weight to the feet’s bones.
  5. When your torso continues, root your tailbone down to the feet, which will keep your lower back with the key issues. Slightly move your legs lighter so they match your knees more. Turn your hands away to your fingers and push your palms into the ground. Push the hands away to the door. Let’s get thick on your face and throat.
  6. Lengthen your body even longer and twist your knees so that your body lies on the floor at last. Take your palms into the pad energetically to stretch out your finger. (If your body is nowhere by the ground, attempt mildly to enlarge your posture.) Hold on ten to fifteen times. Bring your palms to your hips and push your feet strongly into the floor in order to get out of the position and pull your knees in the top of your torso and downwards on an inhalation.

Avoid common errors:

Don’t roll to your foot’s external (or internal) edges, and don’t splay your knees. Too much weight could trigger pressure in your knees or knees on the outside (or internal) foot. It can hurt your shoulders or cause distortion if your knees are separated from your midline.

Don’t let your legs move over your legs. This reduces the length of the hamstring and can seal your legs and cause pain. It also generates a position of uncertainty and could lead you to lose equilibrium.

2. Pigeon Pose