How to apply for study (F1) visa In America?

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By the Student

If you are reading this then it may relevant to you or you ready to explore the world and learn from it.

  • When I started my Journey, there were many questions in my brain as you are having right now. Such as, where to apply? What Course to apply? What problems may I face? Where to stay? How to manage in a country where I never been Before?  Even I had one more concern, how to persuade my father, so he can give me permission to study on different country and culture miles away from them.
  • I came from a very typical traditional Family and I am vegetarian, so food is Another concern of mine. If you have all this question and “NO” answer or At least not a detailed Answer than You are in the right section.
  • If you like this article after reading, please share to those really wonder what else to do.

Before Apply for Any of this Procedure, You must have required scores in each test below:

Undergraduate Program :

IELTS: 6 bands each or more / TOEFL: 79 or more

Graduate Program:

IELTS: overall 7 Bands or more /TOEFL: 89 or more & GRE: 290 or more Depends on where you apply

step: 1 Begging of the Student Application process

  • In the beginning, You should start your preparation at least 6 to 12 months prior. Don’t worry If You have less time still you can apply but there is no guarantee how much time it will take so it’s a precaution and apply as early as possible.
  • You always have to remember there is no official ranking on the university in the USA, so the best college or university is the one that is best for you and meets your requirements—academic, financial, and personal.
  • You shouldn’t try to match yourself to the school, but rather find the school that matches you and your priorities and long-term goals.
  • Choose Your level of study (Undergraduate or Graduate) to apply which level you need to apply for next. the schools you apply to must be certified by the Student Exchange Visitor Program.
  • I am providing a website that directly sends you to check for certified University or College.

Always Search for List of certified schools on the Department of Homeland security’s Study in the state’s website.

Step: 2 Student Visa & Financial Planning

  • Start your financial planning as early as possible. Each year international students receive significant amounts of financial assistance for their studies. However, competition is high. Applications for financial aid go together with applications for admission.
  • When looking into studying in the United States, evaluating your finances should be one of the first things you do.
  • As with any investment, you need to evaluate what’s best for your educational and career goals and what you are willing to spend. 

Look for Special Opportunities and Financial Aid

  • U.S. institutions offer a wide array of programs with a wide array of tuition and fees. Find information about special opportunities and financial aid provisions that U.S. higher education institutions offer international students, such as scholarships, in-state tuition benefits, waived application fees and deadlines, and similar provisions.
  • Keep in mind that the United States is a large country and the cost of living varies greatly from place to place. 
  • You need to assess your funding and what you are able to spend on your education and living expenses. 
  • Choose your level of study (community college, undergraduate, graduate, short-term, English language) to learn more about financing your options.

Location matters! Depending on where you live and study, costs for housing and food vary greatly in the United States. Suburban or rural areas in the South and Midwest of the United States generally have the lowest cost of living.

Step: 3 Application Of Student Visa

Complete Your Application

  • This is very Important step because Each College or University has different requirements on How you fill their forms and provide documents.
  • Applying for U.S. study is a task that takes time and concentration as each application is different and involves collecting recommendations, writing essays, and routing the results of required standard examinations.
  • Plan to give this step the time it deserves for a successful result. 
  • Choose your level of study to learn more about completing your application.
  • Degree evaluation is the best and recommended option.
  • You can Look into and apply for course by course degree evaluation.
  • World education service is one of the trusted company who can provide you the best evaluation.
  • Must Required Documents depend on what course and level are you applying for?
  • Degree evaluation, IELTS or TOEFL results if you are third world countries including India, Pakistan, and Africa, and GRE if you are applying for the graduate program.

An original high school or postsecondary transcript will be required for each institution you apply for so start collecting these materials well in advance of application deadlines.

step: 4 Interview & Application of USA Student Visa

Applying for your U.S. student visa. This next step will cover F, J and M student visa types.

  • When it comes to USA Visa most of the people Including me is thinking that It is the toughest Visa Interview we can have, and rejection chances are way more.
  • From My Interview, I can say, Honesty and Confidence that two things that you need during your Interview.
  • If you are Honest with your Interviewer than there is No way Interview will say no to you, and If you are Honest but not confident than Interviewer might say no because your less confidence might prove that you are not ready for this or maybe you are not saying the truth about your journey in the USA.
  • You have to confident about the reason that “Hey, I have better English skills and there is a space for Improvement, and I will come back after my Long-term of goal which is educate your self in the best University possible.
  • Another thing is that Go with all your Original documents Such as Passport, Education Certificates, Job Experience (If you have), and Finacial Responsibilities (That shows how you gonna pay your tuition and Living expenses).
  • You can watch this YouTube video for Further Information.

Because visa interviews are short, do your best to explain why you want to study in the United States, how you plan to support yourself while in school, and what your plans are for when your studies are finished.

Step: 5

Preparing for your departure is the final step

  • Congratulation, You got the visa, If you hear from your Interviewer than this the most Important Step.
  • In this step, You will have to apply for your Accommodation, because You need to stay here as long as possible to Explore & Educate.
  • Key components to this final step include making your travel arrangements, attending a pre-departure orientation at your local EducationUSA center or online, gathering pre-departure materials and documents for arrival, as well as reporting to your school and attending orientations.
  • You need at least two years of staying including clothes, stationaries, some kitchen Items, and Some worm clothes If you are going on cold areas such as NewYork, Chicago, Philadelphia and some more.
  • Once you are here, You will attend Orientation for the International department and they will give you further details about Laws.
  • Check your new institution’s website for additional pre-departure information that will be more specialized and have information about health insurance, average local temperatures throughout the year, local transportation options, housing, and more.
  • Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
    Education USA advising centers organize pre-departure orientations for students getting ready to depart for the United States.
  • Education USA advisers and U.S. alumni provide information and resources that will help you prepare for new experiences and develop skills to adjust to new challenges.
  • Topics discussed include cultural differences, motivation, changes from your home environment, academic systems and expectations, housing, and coping in a new cultural setting.
  • Contact your closest Education USA advising center to attend a pre-departure orientation.

We will keep another post later, In which we will Be Preparing for Your Trip to the United States.

For More detail, You can use Government website: 1. 2.

If you have Any further or detailed question please asks Us. We will clarify as much possible as we can.